International Energy Systems Support

The Paris Climate Agreement is estimated to require $13.5 trillion in global investment between 2015 and 2030, with much of the focus being on transforming energy systems around the world to meet carbon reduction targets at least cost.

Energy Systems Catapult has created an International Energy Systems Service Platform to help connect UK innovators and businesses to overseas markets, expertise and opportunities.

The Global Energy Challenge and Opportunity

Transforming the UK energy system to be clean, secure and affordable, will require innovation across the whole energy sector, from electricity to heating and transport, and from generation to supply and consumer services.

According to the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy, “whole new industries will be created” and the Paris Climate Agreement will drive enormous economic opportunity –with the International Energy Agency calculating the global market worth at $13.5 trillion between 2015-2030.

Our Approach to Export Markets

Energy Systems Catapult’s mission is to help unleash innovation and open new energy markets that will transform the energy system and help achieve the UK’s clean growth ambitions. International export routes are key to that mission, and our aim is to link UK smart energy system innovators and UK expertise to opportunities overseas and to provide a gateway for overseas investors into the UK’s smart energy system.

The Catapult can support innovators with international ambitions in a variety of ways:

  • We can offer UK businesses help with a range of in-house capabilities and assets to help innovators develop their products and services to achieve their best potential;
  • We are developing a country knowledge base and a supply-chain database of UK companies to identify and link UK innovators with our growing network of external partners, relevant stakeholders and funding streams, all aimed at the international market;
  • The Catapult aims to make use of our whole systems capabilities to assist overseas policy makers and businesses in transforming their own energy markets. Our insight and expertise across modelling, systems integration and consumer insight, will over the longer run, help specific overseas countries establish their own pathways, identifying innovation opportunities that we can showcase to UK innovators.

International Energy Work Includes:

  • A cross-Catapult project on Air Quality in India, which will help policymakers make informed decisions on sustainable transport and energy efficiency, and link opportunities in this area to UK expertise.
  • Supporting government and Innovate UK missions, including to Canada, Colombia, Japan, South Africa, USA etc.
  • Working with the UK’s SIN (Science & Innovation Network) to bring UK SMEs to a Cleantech investor event in Stockholm next year.
  • We have built relationships with key international stakeholder groups, including the UK Government, allowing us to efficiently sign-post innovators to the right people where needed.
  • An Energy Supply Chain Database for the export market is being developed as a tool to link innovators with overseas opportunities and investment.

Energy Innovation Support

Finding solutions for lowering Co2 emissions and achieving net zero targets requires innovation at home and overseas. From meeting consumer energy demand to overcoming economic factors, we work with businesses to overcome barriers and develop innovative products and services.

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