Energy Systems Catapult has developed a range of unique Capabilities and Assets to help innovators, SMEs, industry, academia, regulators and Government to transform the UK energy system to meet carbon reduction targets and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

Our Approach

Our Capabilities were chosen and developed based on in-depth energy sector consultation and in alignment with the government’s Industrial Strategy. They are informed by a ‘whole systems’ approach. This means considering the interactions of the power, heat and transport systems as the traditional silos break down. It also means understanding how the physical energy system, the set of market arrangements and policy instruments work together, and how they will incorporate a new digital infrastructure. Crucially, it means understanding how the consumer interacts with the wider energy system and infrastructure.

We are focused on helping innovators identify market gaps and overcome systemic barriers to deliver the products, services and value chains to transform the energy system.

Our assets include modelling tools for every level of the energy system, from top-down, economy-wide whole system models to models of the physics of individual housing types. We also have simulation tools and consumer research assets, which can help innovators explore and test their new business ideas. We have a strong digital capability, which can provide platforms on which to test new ideas, manage datasets and extract insights from large quantities of data.